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Aji Delight Chilli

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Aji Delight chilli peppers feature a rare variety of 'No-heat' chilli with a full flavour profile. Originating in South America, the 'aji' chilli has a thick wall and classic bright red hue; its taste is sweet and fruity, and its texture is firm, making it suitable for slicing into salads or as a raw complement to crudités.


Capsicum baccatum



Heat Level (Scoville Rating)

No Heat (0 SHU)

Pod Description

The fairly thick-walled, bright red chillies have a lovely sweet fruity flavour & a firm texture. Aji Delight Chilli is not only delicious, but is a great source of vitamin C, carotene, and capsaicin, providing antioxidant benefits. 

Also known as

None Known

Seed Quantity

15 Seeds 

Growing Info

Aji Delight chillis are known for their easy cultivation and high yield, bearing a sizable crop of approximately 7cm long, scarlet-hued fruits with a bullet shape.

Cooking & Eating 

Aji Delight chillis provide a perfect substitution for sweet peppers due to their low spiciness level. Frequent in Peruvian cooking, Aji Delight Chilli is part of the traditional condiment trio, comprising of itself, red onion and coriander.

    Aji Delight Chilli | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

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