Welcome to Bishy Barnabee’s Cottage Garden!

We are passionate cottage gardeners, living and working in beautiful Norfolk along with our two dogs, four chickens and a tortoise named Flash.
Come with us on the Bishy Barnabee’s organic seed journey and create your own beautiful cottage garden.... overflowing with flowers, vegetables... and love!

Our garden is more than just a patch of grass and soil for us.  It’s a companion, a friend, a source of endless pleasure and fascination, a larder of food and giver of flowers.  It nurtures us and gives us health and wellbeing in spades and we are passionate about caring for it in return.

At the heart of everything we do lies our commitment to being environmentally friendly.  

We are organic gardeners who welcome and encourage wildlife to make a home alongside us by growing heaps of native plants and flowers so beloved of insects.  The sight of so many bees and butterflies enjoying the space with us is just joyful.  And of course the ladybirds, gobbling up pesky aphids and whitefly (which eliminates the need for chemicals on our plot).  Ladybirds are a gardeners best friend.  In fact so enamoured are we by these helpful creatures we decided to name our business after them.... the Norfolk term for ladybirds is ....Bishy Barnabees!

We reuse, recycle and make do and mend to avoid bringing in any new plastic items into our garden.  Our packaging is recyclable or compostable.  We also operate the No Dig method which helps retain carbon in our soil, requires less watering and helps the soil remain self sufficient.

Here at Bishy Barnabees we take pride in making sure our seed stock is healthy, strong and organic, we make and use our own comfrey fertiliser, save rain water and try to give back some of the love and goodwill the garden showers upon us.

We get such enormous pleasure from our beautiful, productive, vibrant garden that we want to share it with you so that you can achieve your own little slice of Bishy Barnabee happiness in your own plot or outside space.

You can follow our gardening musings and mutterings on our Instagram account @bishybarnabeescottagegarden