Welcome to Bishy Barnabee’s Cottage Garden!

We are passionate cottage gardeners, living and working in beautiful Norfolk along with our two dogs, four chickens and a tortoise named Flash.
Come with us on the Bishy Barnabee’s organic seed journey and create your own beautiful cottage garden.... overflowing with flowers, vegetables... and love!

What makes us different?

Organic Gardening

Looking after our world

Just like you, we care deeply about the environment and try to live as sustainably as we can.

We are organic gardeners so we garden without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides and work alongside nature rather to support the health of the soil so our plants will become strong and more resistant to pests and diseases.  

​We have made sure this ethos carries through to our packaging. We research and resource our packaging carefully, making sure we are providing a service which is as eco-friendly as we can make it.

Sustainable Packaging

Information about our packaging and products

​Brown postage envelopes- are made from 100% recycled and recyclable material

White postage envelopes- are made from 100% recyclable paper padded envelopes

Seed Gift Boxes- are recyclable

Eco-mailing bags- the carbon-neutral mailing bags we use are produced from sugar cane. They are fully recyclable making these an improved environmental and eco-friendly alternative to the standard polythene mailing bags. 

Seed envelopes- are recyclable

Sticky tape- on the rare occasions when we need to use tape we use Zero Plastic tape which is 100% plant-based and plastic-free

Supporting Wildlife

We are organic gardeners who welcome and encourage wildlife to make a home alongside us by growing heaps of native plants and flowers so beloved of insects.  The sight of so many bees and butterflies enjoying the space with us is just joyful.  And of course the ladybirds, gobbling up pesky aphids and whitefly (which eliminates the need for chemicals on our plot).  Ladybirds are a gardeners best friend.  In fact so enamoured are we by these helpful creatures we decided to name our business after them.... the Norfolk term for ladybirds is ....Bishy Barnabees!