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African Birds Eye Chilli

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African Bird's Eye Chilli is a complex subspecies of chilli, similar to cayenne peppers and habaneros. Confusion often arises when regional names—such as boonie pepper, lombok rawit, Thai Dragon, Kochchi, and kanthari mulagu—are used to refer to the same chilli from different species.

Experience the unique flavour of African Birds Eye Chilli, known as "piri-piri" due to its roots in Swahili for 'pepper'. This spicy and tangy pepper-based sauce is known for its Portuguese influences in Mozambique and Angola. Its thin-skinned pods with pointed ends mature to a red colour. Enjoy the unique flavour of these birds'-eye chillis.

These chillies have an exceptional flavour profile that packs a punch of heat with sweet undertones in the aftertaste. Their distinct flavour provides a burst of flavour to any dish.

Seed Quantity: 15 Seeds 

Species: Capsicum annuum

Origin Africa

Pollination Open

Heat Level (Scoville Rating): Hot (100,000–225,000 SHU)

Pod Description: Measuring 1-3cm long and 5mm-1cm wide, the African Bird's Eye Chilli pods taper to a point as they transition from green to red. Known for their spiciness, these chillis feature a high concentration of capsaicin, the natural compound that elicits a heat response from the body's sensory receptors.

Also known as African Devil, Boonie Pepper, Cabe Rawit, Cengek, Cengis, Cili Padi, Congo Chilli, Kanthari Mulagu, Kochchi, Lada, Lombok Rawit, Mombassa Chilli, Pequin Chilli, Phrik Khi Nu, Piri Piri, Siling Labuyo, Thai Dragon, Thai Hot, Uganda Chilli, Zanzibar Chilli

Growing Info

It is recommended to begin sowing seeds in the spring, as bushy plants are known to yield fruit in abundance, albeit at a moderate rate. These plants reach a peak height of 1m when planted in the soil, but they may also be grown in containers.

Cooking and Eating

African Birds Eye Chilli

Incorporate them into savoury dishes such as soups, stews, salsas, and sauces. Combine with pear to create a tantalising hot chilli chutney. Incorporate by creating small slits in the chillies and add to Gujarati hot, sweet, and sour mango soup. It's the perfect way to transform any dish into a flavourful and hot experience. Plus, it's a great way to add a unique twist to traditional recipes.

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African Birds Eye Chilli -Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
African Birds Eye Chilli - Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

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Wayne Softley

Arrived On time.won’t know how they perform
Until the beginning of next year

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