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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

The Sweet Pea Collection

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Sweet peas are utterly and completely fabulous. 

Amazingly prolific (they'll flower for months if you keep on cutting them), an array of gorgeous colours, and surely one of the most beautiful scents ever? 

Sow them from October to April into root trainers, as they have deep roots. I like to sow them in the autumn and overwinter them in an unheated greenhouse to produce earlier, taller flowers the following year. But I'll also do a spring sowing just to make sure I get a continuous flow of these magical, nostalgic flowers through the summer months  

This beautiful box contains five different full-sized packets of sweet peas 

Starry Night is one of my personal favourites.  Rich jewel-like colours and a wonderful scent

Swan Lake is a beauty, with pure white, ruffled petals 

Winston Churchill, a wonderful crimson colour and gently fragranced 

Leamington is a gorgeous , lavender-sweet pea with gently waved petals

Heaven Scent: apricot with a background of cream  


    The Sweet Pea Collection
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