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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Sweet Pea Winston Churchill

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The most gorgeous, jewel-like sweet pea. Deep crimson in colour and gently fragranced this is a beautiful one to grow alongside other deep-coloured sweet peas for a vibrant splash of colour.

Provide netting or trellis for them to climb up. They prefer full sun.

Seed Quantity 25 Seeds

Type Annual

Genus Lathyrus odorata

Sow Seeds Sow October-November into root trainers filled with good compost for stronger, earlier flowers or sow January-April for a spring sowing.  Keep watered and overwinter them in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame

Plant Out Plant out in spring into moist, fertile soil with good drainage.  Give them something to climb up and tie in as they grow.  Likes a sunny spot. Keep cutting and deadheading for weeks of flowers

Flowers June-October

Height & Spread 1.8m high x 45cm spread

    Close-up of Sweet Pea Winston Churchill flowers in bloom
    A pair of Sweet Pea Winston Churchill blooms against a wooden backdrop
    Sweet Pea Winston Churchill flowers arranged on a rustic wooden table
    Sweet Pea Winston Churchill blossoms in a natural garden setting
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