Cosmos Purity

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Pack contains: 100 seeds

A classic if ever there was one.

Pure white, incredibly simple but absolutely stunning for it. 

Cosmos cannot cope with even the slightest smidgeon of frost so make sure you sow these undercover in April/May and acclimatise over a week or so before planting out when all risk of frost has passed. 

Pinch out the tips when they are around 15-20 cm tall to encourage bushier plants. Keep cutting or deadheading the flowers and you'll get beautiful blooms from July-Oct and be the envy of all your neighbours!

They like full sun, will benefit from netting to grow through for support and moist but well-drained soil. 

Sowing Info

  • Sow undercover Apr-May into modules
  • Acclimatise before planting out when all risk of frost has gone
  • Pinch out when 15-20 cm tall
  • Requires support, full sun and moist but well-drained soil
  • Height 90cm
  • Long flowering season