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Nicotiana White Trumpets

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A tall annual also known as a Tobacco plant with trumpet-shaped flowers in white that emit a wonderful aroma in the evening. Grows well in full sun or partial shade and is beneficial to both wildlife and pollinators.  If you do not want the plant to self-seed, you will need to give it regular, thorough waterings and remove the spent flowers at least twice a week.

It is recommended to wear gloves when handling these beautiful flowers because both the foliage and the stems have the potential to irritate the skin.

Seed Quantity 1000 Seeds

Type Half-Hardy Annual

Genus Nicotiana sylvestris

Sow Seeds Plant seeds in damp seed compost from February-April under cover. In temperatures between 18 and 22℃, requires light for germination. After the seedlings have reached the size where they can be handled easily, transfer them into individual pots. 

Plant Out Acclimatise the plants before planting them out at a distance of 50cm apart once the danger of frost has passed.

Flowers June-October

Height & Spread 1.5m high x 50cm spread


Nicotiana White Trumpets

RHS Plants for Pollinators.

The RHS Plants for Pollinators mark is only given to plants that support pollinating insects.

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    Cluster of white Nicotiana flowers from the White Trumpets variety
    Close-up view of Nicotiana White Trumpets with its signature white blossoms
    Nicotiana White Trumpets plant, certified as perfect for pollinators
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