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Chives cipollina is a well-liked and simple-to-cultivate herb that has slender leaves and gorgeous, globose pink blooms. Chives are also known as garlic chives. Chives have a mild onion taste, which makes them an excellent choice for seasoning salads and dips because of their ability to subtly impart onion flavour. They are also rich in necessary vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and iron, making them ingredients that are not only delicious but also nutritious.

Chives can be used to add flavour to a wide variety of foods, from salad to casserole, potatoes to soup.

Continue to cut the leaves and use them so that there will be additional growth.

Seed Quantity 200 Seeds

Type Edible Herb

Genus Chives cipollini

Sow Seeds Sow thinly February-June, 0.5cm deep into pots/trays and cover lightly with fine compost.  Germination takes 10-14 days.  Keep moderately moist.  No need to thin out unless the pot is very crowded.  

Plant Out Can be sown directly after all risk of frost has passed or throughout the year indoors on a sunny windowsill

Flowers June-September

Height & Spread 40cm high x 30cm spread

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Chive plants with purple flowers thriving in a garden environment
A bundle of fresh chives placed on a wooden tabletop
Lush chives with delicate purple flowers growing in a field
Close-up of chive plants with purple blooms in an outdoor garden
Chopped chives spread on a rustic wooden surface
Fresh chives with purple blossoms in a garden setting
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