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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden


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An annual plant that is resilient and bears lovely flowers resembling daisies and has fragrant foliage. Chamomile, when crushed, releases an aroma that is reminiscent of f grass, and it is also a popular ingredient in tea. There was a time when chamomile lawns were commonplace and offered a delightfully fragrant alternative to grass.

Seed Quantity 750 Seeds

Type Hardy Annual

Genus Matricaria recuita (German Chamomile)

Sow Seeds Sow April-July onto the surface of moist compost in an unheated greenhouse or earlier if heat is provided. Do not cover the seeds just press down gently so that they make good contact with the compost.  Germination can take 10-14 days

Plant Out For a lawn effect plant at 30cm, apart and plants will soon spread.  Likes a sunny site

Flowers July-September

Height & Spread 15-60cm high x 10cm wide

    Field of blooming chamomile plants with green foliage
    Close-up view of chamomile flowers showcasing their white petals
    Chamomile flowers with white petals and yellow centers in a natural setting
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