Out with the old and in with the new!

🐞Today (although really far too cold, but you can't choose your day off!) was a day for planting out some of the old (these were sown last autumn) hardy annuals that I have been over-wintering in the poly-tunnel.

Hollyhocks went in to fill some empty spaces in the flower beds where we've had a few casualties after the heavy snowfall a few weeks ago. Then Larkspur, Calendula, Red Campion, Corncockles and Nigella were all planted out into the various cut flower beds with netting stretched over to give them support as they grow.

Then in with the new......several seed trays and modules filled with Cosmos, Asters, Coreopsis and yet more Calendula. These will stay all cosy inside the house, either in a heated propagator or on a warm windowsill until they germinate and the weather warms up.

We've got many (too many some would say) more seeds to sow but I restrained myself from getting too carried away and will wait a couple more weeks before I do anymore....but oh it feels good to have started!

Now that spring has begun please, please could the weather follow suit?🐞

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