It's beginning to feel like spring!

Well what a difference a week makes! Last week we were shivering under a blanket of snow and ice; but this week the weather has become mild, sunny and definitely with a feeling of spring in the air....and it is so so welcome.

We know we mustn't get too excited as its probably that infamous time in the year, the 'False Spring' where we are all so desperate to get sowing and planting that we truly believe that this is it! This is the moment we've been waiting for and we really can get going with all our gardening plans and ideas.....then within days the next cold snap appears and all the hard work is undone in one frosty night.

So....we must be patient. But goodness isn't that hard right now with this lockdown going on and on and on? Yes, today we have had the 'road map' out of lockdown outlined but it seems as though we have many more days and weeks and months ahead before we can breathe a sigh of relief and start to live more freely again.

So for now it's all about enjoying natures amazing, comforting delights....the purity of the snowdrops, the cheerful yellows of the primroses, aconite and daffodils and the vibrant purple of the crocuses (or should that be croci?!) Just delighting in colour again.

I'm enjoying all these early flowers so much that if I can find a spare patch in the garden I would love to make a bed purely for the flowers mentioned above. I've always loved a little posy of flowers in a pretty vase and so imagine the joy a whole flower bed would bring....being able to pick a small bunch a day for the house or to give to loved ones. Yes that is definitely a plan for later in the year.....I will find the space somehow!

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