Look who has woken up!

Confirmation that spring (despite some very cold and windy days this week) has truly arrived.

I was 2 years old when Flash was given to me by my grandparents.....and now, nearly 46 years later she's still with me. I'm really not sure they thought through that gift very too carefully!

Its lovely to see her little face again, to wash her eyes and mouth and to get her to drink again after the long months of hibernation.

She will stomp about the kitchen until the weather warms up and then she can go into the garden....then the fun begins! Trying to keep a very determined tortoise out of the flower and vegetable beds is a constant battle. Equally we have a battle to save Flash's own food from the dogs who suddenly develop an obsession for lettuce!

Tortoises are immensely wise....who wouldn't have wanted to hibernate this year?!

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