Rose Campion

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Pack contains: 200 seeds

An old fashioned cottage favourite. Rose Campion has bright pink flowers, silvery stems and beautiful soft pale green-grey leaves.

A hardy (but short-lived) perennial it will produce leaves and a sparse amount of flowers in its first year but numerous flowers in its second year.  Rose Campion needs a period of cold to stimulate germination so I find putting them into the fridge for 2 weeks before sowing helps with this. 

Sow under cover Feb-May or Sept-November or direct from April-July. Seeds will germinate in around 2 weeks.

Sowing Info

  • Put the seeds in the fridge for 2 weeks prior to sowing.
  • Sow Feb-May or Sept-Nov undercover or direct Apr-July
  • Barely cover the seeds as light is needed for germination
  • Likes full sun and well-drained soil 
  • Flowers will be sparse in the first year but numerous after. 
  • Height 75 cm