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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Anchusa Blue Angel

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Incredible, bright blue, forget-me-not type plants, flowering away throughout the summer months.

If you are after a gentle, nostalgic cottage garden look with flowers tumbling all about, then these will be the perfect fit 

Anchusa prefers full sun and well-drained soil, but they are adaptable and will grow in most soils and conditions.  Cut back after they have flowered in the summer to encourage a second bloom.

Seed Quantity: 100 Seeds

Type Perennial but can be grown as a biennial 

Genus Anchusa capensis

Sow Seeds January-March indoors, onto moist, well-drained compost, and lightly press the seeds onto the soil.  Cover very lightly with soil or vermiculite and keep at 18–20 °C.  Once large enough to handle, pot on and grow in cooler but not colder conditions.  It can also be sown in June or July and treated as a biennial to flower the following year  

Plant Out: Acclimatise before planting out after the last frosts.  

Flowers June-August

Height & Spread 25-30cm high x 25cm spread

    Anchusa Blue Angel flowers potted on a patio
    A bee pollinating the blossoms of Anchusa Blue Angel near a residence
    Close-up of Anchusa Blue Angel blooms with a white house backdrop
    Anchusa Blue Angel plant displayed in a garden setting

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