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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Chicory Wild

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The wild chicory is a beautiful perennial that is also quite hardy and is ideal for use in cottage gardens.

Bees, butterflies, and hoverflies are particularly drawn to the bright blue blooms that bloom on the slender, woody stalks produced by this plant.

Full light and sandy soil or dry grasslands are ideal growing conditions for this plant. As the morning progresses into the afternoon, the lovely blue blooms unfold their petals, but by afternoon they have closed again.

Seed Quantity: 300 Seeds

Type: Perennial

Genus: Cichorium intybus

Sow Seeds: Sow indoors in March/April thinly into pots or seed trays and gently firm down.  Keep warm (16–20 °C) and moist.  Transplant when large enough to handle into larger trays/pots.  Or sow directly outdoors and very lightly cover with fine soil in August or September for earlier summer flowering the next year  

Plant Out: Gradually acclimatise before planting out in late May

Flowers: July-October

Height & Spread: 100 cm high x 100 cm wide

    Chicory Wild plant showcasing its vibrant blue blossoms and lush green foliage
    Close-up of Chicory Wild&
    Field of Chicory Wild flowers under the vast blue sky
    A scenic view of Chicory Wild flowers against the backdrop of a clear blue sky

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Renee James

    Easy to order online .. arrived almost immediately .. can’t wait to sow seeds next spring

    Lynn Parker

    Promt delivery website is very easy to read my chicory seeds won't get planted for a while yet will post next year when they flower 🌸


    Brilliant. They are just popping through!!!

    Wow factor !

    Another great order and my Chicory seeds are already sprouting up. Lovely to do business with you. Prompt delivery and all round nice people.

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