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Bronze Fennel

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Bronze Fennel is an extremely attractive, tall plant with aromatic fern-like foliage in a beautiful burnished bronze colour.

The dark foliage really sets off other flowers and colours in an arrangement and looks utterly gorgeous.

In the summer small yellow flowers in large umbels will appear which the bees and hoverflies find irresistible. 

It will self seed readily so remove the seed heads once they have flowered if you do not want any more plants 

Plant Care Tips 

Sow direct from mid spring into a warm sunny spot with free draining soil and thin out seedlings as they grow
Or sow earlier undercover into pots. Transplanting outside in mid-late spring with great care as fennel hates root disturbance.
Fennel will die back in the autumn before re sprouting the following spring 
Height 1.5m
Likes full sun and free draining soil 


    Seed Quantity 250 Seeds
    Also known as
    Sow March-May


      Bronze Fennel | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
      Bronze Fennel | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
      Bronze Fennel | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
      Bronze Fennel | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

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      Jacqueline Brady
      Bronze fennel

      I received these seeds very quickly. Looking forward to sowing them soon along with the other seeds I ordered and having beautiful plants to add to my fragrant patch of garden.
      Lovely surprise to receive an extra packet of seeds as a "thank you " gift.
      So thrilled and will definitely order again.

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