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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Osteospermum Sky and Ice - African Daisy

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These beautiful, low-maintenance plants are sometimes referred to as African daisies. They have daisy-like blossoms that are dazzling white and sparkling.

They have thin and flat petals with a significant contrast between the light and dark centres and dark green leaves.  A low-growing plant that reaches a height of around 30–40 centimetres. They have several branches, and even if you pinch them, they will keep their bushy appearance.

Either in the ground or in containers, it can be cultivated.

Seed Quantity: 30 Seeds

Type: Half-Hardy Annual

Genus Osteospermum ecklonis

Sow Seeds Sow undercover in mid-spring (March–May) into trays of compost.  Cover only very lightly and keep at 18–21 °C.  Water the soil rather than the leaves to prevent fungal diseases.  Once large enough to handle, prick out into larger trays or individual pots.

Plant Out  Plant out into a sunny position when the last frost has passed 

Flowers July-October

Height and Spread 30-40cm high x 30cm spread

    Close-up of African Daisy &
    Osteospermum Sky and Ice flower with distinctive blue center
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