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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Linaria Fairy Bouquet Mix

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Linaria Fairy Bouquet gives you a wonderful rainbow coloured mix of flowers.

Fast growing and reliable, these pretty flowers have lovely mini snapdragon-like heads and are very attractive to bees 

Brilliant in pots or at the front of a sunny border. 

Seed Quantity: 500 Seeds

Type: Annual

Genus: Linaria maroccana

Sow Seeds: Sow in early spring into seed compost and firmly press down, or sow direct May-June.  Keep at 20–25 degrees to germinate.  Germination takes 15-21 days.  When large enough to handle pot on and grow on in cooler but not cold conditions 

Plant Out: Plant out after all the risk of frost has passed.  Likes full sun and well drained soil 

Flowers: June-September

Height & Spread: 20–25 cm high x 30cm spread

    A pot filled with Linaria Toadflax Fairy Bouquet Mix, featuring a blend of pink and purple flowers
    An arrangement of Linaria Toadflax Fairy Bouquet Mix flowers thriving in a garden container
    Linaria Fairy Bouquet Mix
    Close-up of a Linaria Toadflax Fairy Bouquet flower with yellow and pink hues in front of a white house
    A potted Linaria Toadflax Fairy Bouquet Mix placed on a porch, showcasing its colorful blooms
    A variety of Linaria Toadflax Fairy Bouquet flowers in shades of purple and white, displayed against a white house backdrop
    Linaria Toadflax Fairy Bouquet Mix blossoming in a natural field setting

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews


    Lovely addition to cottage garden

    Ordered these as I saw one growing wild in my garden and thought was lovely. Seeds arrived very promptly, part of a small batch of various seeds, along with a free gift which was very much appreciated. Will certainly buy again and am looking forward to seeing the plants next year.

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