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Gomphrena Strawberry Fields

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Also known as Globe Amaranth, this is a really unusual and beautiful one to grow.

An upright, bushy plant with flowers (or bracts to give them their proper name) that look like little red strawberries in a deep red. It makes a stunning addition to dried flower arrangements. 

Seed Quantity 40 Seeds

Type Annual

Genus Gomphrena globosa

Sow Seeds Sow March-May undercover into modules filled with seed compost.  Keep it at 20-25℃.  Once large enough to handle transplant into pots and grow on in cooler but not cold conditions

Plant Out Acclimatise before planting out when all risk of frost has passed

Flowers July-September

Height & Spread 50-60cm high x 30cm spread

    Individual holding a cluster of Gomphrena Strawberry Fields flowers with red globular heads
    Gomphrena Strawberry Fields bouquet in a transparent vase set against a dark surface
    Hand presenting a single stem of Gomphrena Strawberry Fields with a spherical red flower
    Gomphrena Strawberry Fields flowers arranged in a clear vase on a wooden table
    Close-up of Gomphrena Strawberry Fields bloom with vibrant red petals and subtle yellow accents

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