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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Flowers to Grow...Perfect for Pressing

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Have you ever wanted to press flowers?

To preserve a moment in time or to make thoughtful, personalised gifts for friends?

Flower pressing is such an easy, joyful, and creative activity to get immersed in but where to start? 

Well, that's where this box comes in! 

Before I began to create the Perfect for Pressing box I consulted a wonderful and inspirational artist who specialises in working with pressed flowers and I sought her opinion as to which flowers to use to get the best effect possible. 

And the result is a truly immersive experience;

A beautiful box containing 10 packets of gorgeous flower seeds which will take you from seed to a garden full of flowers....and then onto the excitement of cutting and pressing.

Making your own flower memories to bring you joy for years to come 

The box contains

🐞Osteospermum....wonderful daisy-like flowers with narrow petals and contrasting dark centres

🐞Viola...A mix of beautiful colours. Some are bi-coloured, some are single 

🐞Achillea....a fantastic, long-flowering plant. Ideal for wildlife gardens 

🐞Nigella....a mix of blue, pink and white nostalgic flowers 

🐞Gypsophila Covent Garden....airy and graceful with pretty, delicate white flowers

🐞Forget-me-not.....beautiful and dainty, a classic springtime cottage garden flower 

🐞Ammi....elegant umbellifers- instantly giving a relaxed, meadow feel to any garden 

🐞Pansy...A stunning deep blue, almost purple pansy with a large, open face

🐞Cosmos Sensation....beautiful, big, and a real show off! Comes in an array of pinks and whites 

🐞Calendula Oopsy Daisy...a lovely small, sweet calendula with bright, bi-coloured petals 

*Photos of box contents are subject to changes due to stock levels but the correct contents will always be listed above  

    Flowers to Grow...Perfect for Pressing
    Pressing-ready flowers presented in a labeled box, perfect for botanical crafters
    Flowers to Grow...Perfect for Pressing
    Assorted flowers and plants ideal for pressing, displayed with packaging
    A variety of flowers arranged in a box, suitable for pressing and crafting
    A collection of pressable flowers specifically curated for garden enthusiasts
    Flowers to Grow...Perfect for Pressing
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