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Flowers to Grow...Perfect for Pollinators

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We all know how important bees and other pollinators are to our lives and food production.....and we also all know that sadly these precious pollinators are in decline 🐝

One of the biggest problems pollinators face is a lack of flowering plants, especially those packed with pollen and nectar.

So we can all play a part and help these gorgeous creatures by planting as many of these plants as we can in our gardens and welcoming in the bees and butterflies! 🦋 

Using the RHS' comprehensive list of flowering Plants for Pollinators as our guide we have created a fabulous box filled with 10 packets of wonderful flower seeds to grow in your garden. 

Not only will they look stunningly beautiful as they bloom, they will also encourage in a variety of pollinators who will benefit from their nectar-rich flowers. 

The box contains:

Nicotiana White Trumpets....Trumpet-shaped flowers in white that emit a wonderful aroma in the evening.

Scabious Imperial Mix...A gorgeous cottage garden favourite with a fantastic long flowering season.

Achillea....A fabulous, long-flowering plant. Ideal for wildlife gardens 

Nasturtium....Wonderful ground cover in beautiful shades of orange and yellow.

Verbena bonariensis....tall, light and airy; this plant will provide you with a haze of purple all summer long. cottage garden is complete without the gorgeous cornflower. Beloved by bees and butterflies. 

Clarkia Crown Double Mix....A beautiful, old-fashioned cottage garden flower. Drifts of pink, red, mauve and white flowers. Good for cutting...great for pollinators! 

Borage....Pretty, blue, star-shaped flowers, the pollinators are drawn to it like a magnet.

Cosmos....Enchanting flowers and feathery foliage. Cosmos produces masses of flowers for months. Keep on cutting to encourage more blooms. 

Nepeta....Absolutely perfect for a wildlife garden. It has pretty blue/grey aromatic leaves and lavender-blue flower spikes. 

Flowers to Grow...Perfect for Pollinators

RHS Plants for Pollinators.

The RHS Plants for Pollinators mark is only given to plants that support pollinating insects.

Find out more at

    Collection of flowering plants to encourage pollinator activity
    Assortment of flower seeds in packaging, ideal for attracting pollinators
    Set of seeds for cultivating a pollinator-friendly garden
    Seed kit for growing spring flowers that benefit pollinators
    Packaging of a bee-friendly flower mix with a descriptive label
    RHS-endorsed plant selection for attracting bees and butterflies
    Garden kit tailored for growing flowers that pollinators love

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