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Didiscus Madonna Mixed

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 I love Didiscus....gorgeous, unusual and delicate looking. 

They make the most wonderful cut flowers with their beautiful, small flower umbels and strong, straight stems.

If you remove any leaves that would be below the waterline they have a good vase life too.  This variety contains lavender, white, blue, pink and rose-coloured flowers which look enchanting in an arrangement and other cottage garden favourites.

They can be slow to germinate but be patient....they are well worth the wait! 

Seed Quantity 80 Seeds

Type Annual

Genus Didiscus caeruleus

Sow Seeds Sow March-April indoors into modules and cover lightly with seed compost.  Germination takes 2-3 weeks and sometimes longer!  Keep moist and somewhere warm but not hot.

Plant Out Plant outside when all risk of frost has passed  

Flowers July-September

Height & Spread 60cm high x 30cm spread

    Didiscus Madonna Mixed flowers arranged in a vase on display
    A variety of Didiscus Madonna Mixed flowers adding color to a garden bed
    Close-up of Didiscus Madonna Mixed with its characteristic blue and white blossoms
    Didiscus Madonna Mixed blooming in a vibrant garden setting
    A lush patch of Didiscus Madonna Mixed flowers in a natural garden environment

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