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Christmas Tree Botanical Wax Melt Bar

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The scent of Christmas....

Siberian Pine alongside eucalyptus and sandalwood creates a festive, herbal fragrance that makes you want to curl up in front of the fire, watch a Christmas film and eat mince pies! 

Top Notes:  Pine, Eucalyptus, Green Notes
Mid Notes: Pine
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Place one scented wax cube into the well of your wax burner. Light an unscented 4-hour tealight underneath and enjoy the incredible scent. We recommend burning your wax melts for four hours at a time. Each cube can provide up to 10 hours of beautiful fragrance and can be melted and re-melted until the fragrance has gone. Fragrance times do vary between scents. These wax melts can also be used with electric wax burners.

Eco-friendly & highly scented 

Made from Soy wax which is a carbon-neutral and vegan product which burns much cleaner and longer than a paraffin alternative. Rest assured, these wax melts are made with 100% natural soy wax with absolutely no paraffin. So what's the catch? Sometimes soy does not fill a space with scent as well as paraffin wax. However, we thoroughly test the levels of cold and hot throw and we aim to give the best possible fragrance experience with soy. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our wax melts are supplied in glassine pouches which are either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.  All of our packaging is environmentally friendly and we aim to be as carbon-neutral as possible.

Make sure to keep wax melts away from young children and pets. They may smell delicious but they are not for eating!


    • Most of all, make sure your burner is kept away from drafts, curtains and children and pets.
    • Do not put wax melts in your mouth, if eaten go straight to Accident and emergency!
    • First of all, pre-wash a new burner oil bowl or ceramic burner with warm soapy and ensure it is completely dry before using it.
    • Simply place your wax melts on the top of the dry oil burner and do NOT add water
    • Once lit place your tea light at the base of the oil burner allowing the wax melts to heat up and melt releasing the fragrance into your room.
    • We recommend you use the tea lights which burn between 2 – 4 hours.
    • Extinguish the tea light candle when leaving the room and never leave your oil burner unattended or within reach of children.
    • Once the tea light is extinguished the wax will solidify, and you can re-use again.
    • To discard gently tap the sides of the burner and most times the wax tart will pop out,  If not place the oil burner in the freezer for a short time and try again. If all else fails, maybe light the tea light and let it warm the wax for a few seconds enough to loosen the wax and push it out and then finally wipe any excess with a tissue.
    • Our wax melts work well in both an electric oil burner and also a traditional-style oil burner.
    • Finally, only use an electric burner if it has passed a safety standard.
    • Oil burners can become hot, therefore, always use a heat-proof mat to place your burner on.

    Never leave your burner unattended.

    How to discard your wax!

    1. You can either light a tea light and after a few seconds, it will warm the bottom of the wax enough to push out of the oil bowl and then wipe clean.
    2. You can put your oil burner in the freezer for 10-15 mins and then the wax will easily pop out.
    3. For Glass oil burner bowls, run under hot water and then push the wax out.
    4. Finally, you could use a blunt instrument to gently persuade the wax from the burner.
    5. Take care not to damage the glass or ceramic.
    6. Avoid the use of metal or sharp objects.
    7. Do not use it if you notice a crack in the glass.
    8. Remove the remaining wax with warm water and a moist cloth or sponge.
    9. Ensure you avoid contact with eyes and skin, if contact occurs, flush with water. If irritation persists, contact a physician.
    10. If using the Freezer or Fridge method to remove wax – Finally always Remember to allow your burner to return to room temperature before using it again – or it may crack from the heat of the tea light.
      Christmas Tree Wax Melt Bar with festive decorations on a table
      Scented Christmas Tree Wax Melt Bar displayed with holiday ornaments

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Pamela Mactear
      Christmas tree wax melt bar

      This is divine, the smell is so lovely that I have started using these wax melts already, when I normally try to hold off on the Christmas vibes until 1st December at least! Thank you so much, I will certainly buy more 😍

      Karen James
      Beautiful scent

      A lovely texture to the wax melts and the scent is gorgeous

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