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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Bells of Ireland

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I love Bells of Ireland. Beautiful and unusual with bell-shaped, green bracts all along the branching stems. Bells of Ireland make the perfect accent for any indoor or outdoor space, providing a unique, eye-catching addition to your garden.

Gorgeous, tall spires add height to the garden or cut for the most amazing foliage in flower arrangements.  Bells of Ireland grow best in well-drained soil and full sun/partial shade but prefer cooler weather.  It will self-seed if allowed to fully mature.  

Seed Quantity 200 Seeds

Type Half-Hardy Annual

Genus Moluccella laevis

Sow Seeds Freeze the seeds for a week before sowing.  Sow seeds thinly into seed trays of compost indoors in early spring (late Feb-May) and cover very lightly with compost.  Germination takes around 14-21 days.  Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle.

 Plant Out Plant out after the last frosts 

Flowers June-September

Height & Spread 90cm high x 45cm spread

    Bells of Ireland plants blooming in a natural setting
    Close-up view of Bells of Ireland&
    Bells of Ireland bouquet arranged in a blue vase
    Elegant display of Bells of Ireland with green stems and subtle purple accents in a vase
    Blue vase showcasing a fresh arrangement of Bells of Ireland flowers
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