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Basil Thai 'Holy'


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    Basil Thai &

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    Thai basil adds a wonderful aniseed flavour to food. Good in salads or added at the last minute of cooking to add that definitive Thai flavour.

    Sow indoors into a tray filled with seed compost, keep at 18-20 degrees and keep moist. After germination (which takes 8-10 days) water sparingly.  Transplant each seedling into a small pot and grow on for 4 weeks. Then either transplant it to a bigger pot or into the garden (but only if all risk of frost has definitely passed).

    Plant Care Tips

    Sow indoors into a tray of seed compost
    Cover lightly with compost/vermiculite
    Keep at 18-20 degrees and keep moist
    After germination, water sparingly
    Transplant each seedling into a small pot and grow on for 4 weeks, then transplant to a larger pot
    Likes a sunny spot


    Seed Quantity 100 Seeds
    Type Edible Herb
    Group/Species Ocimum Sanctum
    Also known as Thai Holy Basil
    Sow All Year
    Harvest All Year

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