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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Bunnys Tails - Lagurus Ovatus

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Looking for all the world like little rabbits' tails nodding and swaying at the end of slender stems.  They begin life as a beautiful pale green hue and slowly mature to a gorgeous buff colour.

Such a useful grass to grow....they look fabulous in arrangements with other cut flowers and can be used fresh or dried.  They like full sun and well-drained soil and are perfect for informal cottage-style borders or to grow in a pot.  Bunny Tails Lagurus Ovatus are easy to care for and offer a unique beauty and texture to any landscape. Perfect for bringing a bit of wild and rural charm to any outdoor space.

Seed Quantity 500 Seeds

Type Hardy Annual

Genus Lagurus Ovatus 

Sow Seeds Sow undercover March-April or direct April-May.  Sow 0.5 cm deep into fine, well-drained soil which has already been watered.  Germination takes around 14-28 days.

Plant Out Transplant seedlings outdoors after acclimatising in mid/late spring or thin direct-sown seedlings to 15cm apart.  Water well until established.

Flowers July-September

Height & Spread 40cm high x 30cm wide

    A scenic field dotted with the white, fluffy seed heads of Bunny Tails grass
    Diverse flora with Bunny Tails grass prominently displayed among the greenery
    A bundle of Bunny Tail grasses, Lagurus Ovatus, with fluffy seed heads
    Close-up view of Bunny Tails grass, highlighting the soft, white tufts
    Detailed image of Lagurus Ovatus with its characteristic white fluffy blooms
    Sunlit meadow featuring clusters of Bunny Tails grass
    An arrangement of Bunny Tails grass in a vase, showcasing its ornamental appeal
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