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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Ammi Visnaga

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Ammi Visnaga is indispensable in the cut flower garden. Tall and willowy with a more pronounced dome of flowers than her sister Ammi Majus, she adds beauty and usefulness in equal measure.

Exquisite and delicate with a cloud of white, lacy flowers...adding Ammi to your garden or arrangements instantly adds that sought-after, laid-back meadow vibe.

Just as Ammi Majus starts to fade and die back Ammi Visage steps in and starts to bloom, so it's well worth growing both of them so that you get a constant supply of voluptuous, white frothy loveliness for months at a time.

Seed Quantity 500 Seeds

Type Hardy Annual

Genus Ammi

Sow Seeds Late Aug/early Sept or April/May, Sow directly where they are to grow or overwinter in seed trays.  Cover the seeds lightly.  Keep moist, do not allow it to dry out.

Plant Out After the last frosts, likes full sun and grow through netting for support.

Flowers June-September

Height & Spread up to 1.2m high x 60cm spread

    Close-up view of Ammi Visnaga&
    Detailed image of Ammi Visnaga&
    Ammi Visnaga plant showcasing its large clusters of white blooms
    Lush field featuring the white umbels of Ammi Visnaga
    Ammi Visnaga flowers blooming in a natural garden setting
    Serene garden landscape highlighting Ammi Visnaga&
    Ammi Visnaga flowers interspersed with purple flora in a garden
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