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Floriography: The Little Box of Love

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The Little Box of Love….the perfect gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, St Valentines Day….or just to show you care.

This beautifully presented box contains 12 specially curated packets of flower seeds (to sow and grow into beautiful, meaningful flowers), each one symbolising friendship, love and just how much the recipient means to you.

Floriography is the language of flowers, every flower holds a different meaning and I’ve always found that idea absolutely fascinating. Sending a secret message through a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

Most commonly associated with the Victorian era, floriography was used as a means of coded communication- allowing people to express their true feelings to others that they felt couldn’t be spoken aloud.

You can find a flower which symbolises almost every emotion and event. There are some for asking a person to a dance (ivy geranium), some to indicate a refusal (a striped or yellow carnation), some to represent love (aster) and still others to show friendship (chrysanthemums).

Say it with flowers….or seeds.

The flower seeds in this box are:

Aster (symbol of love), Chrysanthemum  (you are a wonderful friend), Canterbury Bells (gratitude), Larkspur (open heart), Stock (you are always beautiful to me), Gypsohila (eternal love) Sweet Pea (friendship and loyalty),  Ammi (sanctuary and warmth), Forget-me-nots (true love and respect), Bells of Ireland (good luck), Zinnia (thinking of you) and Scabiosa (pure love).

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Decorative box featuring floral designs and a love-themed greeting card
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Excellent service. Quick delivery. Fabulous packaging. Using as an Xmas present so can't give anymore information

Mrs T J Garnham

Bought for a friend as a Christmas present she loves her garden like myself

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