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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Wallflower Cloth of Gold

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A gorgeous variety of wallflowers with a sweet scent and a rich, deep yellow colour.

Wallflowers are biennial so they will flower the following year just in time to pair with some Honesty or Sweet Rocket to make a gorgeous, scented bouquet.  Don't be put off sowing biennials, they will give you flowers so much earlier in the year than even your hardy annuals will.

Seed Quantity 50 Seeds

Type Perennial grown as a biennial

Genus Erysimum cheiri

Sow Seeds When the soil is warm, which should be between the end of May and July, sow seeds outside in a seedbed that has been thoroughly prepared. You can also choose to sow the seeds indoors in modules, but make sure to keep them in the shade and maintain moderate temperatures. The heat will hinder the germination process of wallflowers. Provide a moist and shaded environment for the seed trays. 7–14 days to germinate at 15–18℃. Grow it for another 6 weeks.

Plant Out in Late August or early September.

Flowers March onwards

Height & Spread 30-40cm high x 30-40cm spread

Wallflower Cloth of Gold

RHS Plants for Pollinators.

The RHS Plants for Pollinators mark is only given to plants that support pollinating insects.

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