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Oregano Greek

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Greek Oregano is widely regarded as having the most delicious taste of all the other varieties of oregano. The growth habit and leaf size might vary, but the height is typically between 50 and 60 centimetres. Nonetheless, the plant stems can get somewhat woody, and the leaves, which are oval and dark green and sometimes fuzzy, are arranged in opposing pairs. The flower stalks are spiny and can have many colours, including pink, white, and purple. The most common uses for it in Greek cookery are to make flavourful sauces and to season meats, fish, and vegetables.
Oregano can thrive in almost any environment; you do not require a garden to cultivate it. May be planted in containers outside on the patio or indoors on a windowsill.

Very attractive to bees and butterflies. 

Seed Quantity 750 Seeds

Type Perennial

Genus Origanum vulgare

Sow Seeds Sow seeds indoors late March-May 6-8 weeks before planting out.  Needs warmth to germinate.  Pot on to individual pots when large enough to handle.

Plant Out Acclimatise before planting outside in May-June.  Keep harvesting the leaves to keep plants productive.  Protect with mulch over winter or pot up and bring indoors.

Flowers Harvest from April-February

Height & Spread 50-60cm high x 50cm spread

    Oregano Greek
    Oregano Greek
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