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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Nepeta Mussinii - Catmint

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The Nepeta plant, more popularly known as Catmint, is a favourite in traditional English cottage gardens.
It is a beautiful plant to grow for an informal, low maintenance garden, a wildlife garden (the bees and butterflies adore it), a rockery, or into pots and containers due to its blue/grey aromatic leaves and lavender blue flower spikes. The plant also has a low water requirement.

It is able to withstand harsh conditions, including drought, and is sturdy and resilient.
It is best grown in either full sun or partial shade and can be sown either in the spring or the autumn. Avoid overwatering or over feeding.
After the flowers have faded, prune the plants to maintain their compact shape and to stimulate additional blossoming.

Seed Quantity 250 Seeds

Type Perennial

Genus Nepeta cataria

Sow Seeds Sow Mar-May or September-October into pots or trays of moist seed compost and cover seed 

with a light layer of compost or vermiculite.  

Keep at 15-20℃ to germinate.  

Do not exclude light as this aids germination.

Plant Out Transplant outside after all frosts have passed.  

Do not overwater or feed  Cut back after flowering to encourage a second flowering.

Flowers June-September

Height & Spread 30cm high x 30-40cm spread

    Nepeta Mussinii Catmint with vibrant purple blooms and a visiting bee
    Nepeta Mussinii Catmint plant showcasing a spread of purple flowers and lush green foliage
    Close-up view of Nepeta Mussinii Catmint showing detailed purple flowers
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