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The Biennial Cottage Garden Flower Box

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Fabulous biennials! Gorgeous, nostalgic, and often scented; these flowers are completely perfect for a relaxed, cottage-style type of planting and are a total game changer if you want to extend your flowering season.

A little sowing in midsummer will give you a head start in the flower garden and will provide you with blooms from early spring until your autumn sown annuals to burst into life and the baton is passed on. Biennials are also invaluable to bees who are about early in the year, providing much-needed nourishment.

I used to have a hard time understanding biennials...why would you want to sow something that sounded as though it would take two years to flower, where's the fun in that?!

But actually, all it means is that you sow in midsummer to flower the following hardship at all!

In fact, sowing seeds and knowing you have next year's spring flowers underway will fill you with quiet satisfaction and then when they spring into life early in the season and you are immersed in colour, scent, and happiness, you'll be so glad you took a little time in June to sow them.

This beautiful box contains 8 gorgeous biennial varieties to make your garden sing in the spring!

It comes recommended by experienced cut flower growers Sophie and Helier for use in their online seed sowing flower courses


 Foxglove Alba....Adding elegance with its tall spires of elegant white flowers

Sweet William...A lovely mix of bi-coloured flowers which will bloom for months 

Aquilegia Nora Barlow.... with gorgeous double blooms that open from pale green to pink and then fade to white towards the tips of the petals 

Hesperis...Fabulous and scented, Hesperis lasts well in a vase and the bees adore it.

Canterbury Bells...Traditional, bell-shaped flowers in blue, pink, and white.

Honesty...The flower that keeps on giving! First up the enchanting purple and white early flowers followed by (if left to go to seed) the magical, translucent seed pods to use in dried flower arrangements.

Hollyhock Nigra.....The quintessential cottage garden flower. Tall, statuesque, full of nostalgic gorgeousness and in a rich, deep purple (almost black) colour 

Wallflower Fair Lady...Deliciously scented and in rusty, pastel hues 



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The Biennial Cottage Garden Flower Box | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
The Biennial Cottage Garden Flower Box | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
The Biennial Cottage Garden Flower Box | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
The Biennial Cottage Garden Flower Box | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Biennials

Biennials can be a mystery to some gardeners so this collection helps! Having them all in one box is a lovely way to get ready for summer sowing! As always, super fresh seeds and great service! Brilliant!

Autumn Seeds

Fabulous selection of Autumn Seeds.
My daughter loves the arrangement in the presentation boxes.
Many kind thanks for the surprise seeds too

Theresa Manuel
Biennial Seeds

Oh my gosh, these seeds are fabulous! Within a week of planting they came up and are forming healthy, bushy plants.
Always reliable.
Always a fabulous addition to the garden.

Brilliant company

Excellent seeds, generous amounts and sometimes a wee free gift 😉

Liz Kerr
Little box of lovely 🥰

I can’t rate these seeds highly enough! Germination was super fast and baby plants are lovely and strong. Looking forward to a flower filled 2023 , and will definitely be ordering lots more goodies from Bbcg x

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