The Chilli Collection

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The Chilli Collection

Chilli growing is addictive! Once you start you'll be hooked. 

Gorgeous colours and shapes, differences in heat and taste....there is something to suit everyone.

This box contains 5 different varieties of chillies giving you a range of heat and appearance. 

🐞Serrano... with bright red pods with medium warm heat. Classically used in salsas.  

🐞 of the worlds most favourite chillies. Bullet-shaped with a mild/warm flavour. Good in salsas, burgers and nachos and pickling. 

🐞Hungarian Hot Wax.....a mild chilli on a compact bush. The chillies start pale yellow and ripen to orange and then red. Good in salads and stirfries. 

🐞Thai Dragon....A great plant for the novice grower. produces hundreds of pods per plant. Medium to hot in taste and fantastic in stir-fries and Thai dishes. 

🐞Ring of Fire....long, thin, scarlet pods and quick to ripen with a medium to hot taste.

All our collection boxes contain 5 full-sized packets of seeds, carefully curated to make a wonderful gift for someone special.

We care about the environment as much as you do so all our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. We garden organically and sustainably, encouraging wildlife to make their home alongside us in our cottage garden.