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Serrano Chilli

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The torpedo-shaped Serrano chilli has a 'pure-and-simple' heat, it hits with a quick fresh intense, upfront burn at the back of the throat and a spicy, slow-building flavour.  This well-seeded tongue stinger has lasting apple-ish, grassy notes and a distinctive bitterness.  Varieties include the Serrano Tampiqueno and Purple Serrano.


Capsicum annuum



Heat Level (Scoville Rating)

Medium (10,000-30,000 SHU)

Pod Description

Serrano Chilli pods are glossy and finger-shaped, growing to be 5-7cm long and 2-3cm wide and ripening in colour from green to red, brown, orange, and ultimately yellow.

Also known as

Serenade, Serrano Tampiqueno

Seed Quantity

15 Seeds

Growing Info

Sow two seeds in a pot or individually into modular trays in late winter. This method is an easy and economical way to grow your own chilli peppers.

Serrano chillies are known for their prolific yield, with up to 50 pods per plant and a maximum height of 60cm, most suited to an indoor environment with consistent warmth. Each plant takes an estimated 100 days to reach maturity from seed.

Cooking & Eating

Serrano Chilies are a regular choice for Mexican cuisine, often eaten raw and utilised in relish and salsa dishes such as pico de Gallo. Not suitable for drying, these fruits can be harvested in either green or red and make a great pickled or roasted addition. Enjoy the benefits of their thin peel, eliminating the need for peeling.

For a salsa verde, deseed 10-20 green Serranos, coarsely chop 5-6 green tomatoes, a substantial quantity of fresh coriander and a mild onion, then combine with 2 cloves garlic in a blender or food processor. Pulse until nearly liquefied, and season with salt as desired. Tomatillos can be substituted for tomatoes, if available. This unique blend of ingredients creates a flavorful, spicy condiment with both a sharp bite and aromatic complexity. Enjoy a homemade classic with all the benefits of an all-natural and preservative-free recipe.

    Serrano Chilli 🌶🌶 Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
    Serrano Chilli 🌶🌶 Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
    Serrano Chilli 🌶🌶 Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
    Serrano Chilli 🌶🌶 Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

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    Arrived quickly and well packaged, not sown them yet but looking forward to that next year

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