Scabious Crown Tall Mix

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Pack contains: 100 seeds 

Scabious Crown Tall are a fabulous flower for the cutting garden. Keep cutting them and they'll generously keep on producing flowers for months.  

Strong stems and beautiful pincushion flowers in a variety of colours make these a welcome addition to any garden.... plus they seem to go with almost any other flower when you are making up bouquets!

Beautiful, reliable and the bees love them.....a definite keeper.  

Sow in Mar/Apr into modules and cover the seeds with seed compost. Water well but do not soak. They will be ready to plant out after the last frosts have passed....make sure you acclimatise them first through.  Or alternatively, you can sow them directly where they are to grow in May.  They like full sun and well drained soil. 

Sowing Info

  • Sow in April into modules. Gently cover the seeds with seed compost and keep them moist but not saturated. 
  • After all frosts have passed, acclimatise the plants before planting outside. Or they can be direct sown in May
  • Height 90cm
  • Likes full sun 
  • Good for attracting bees and other pollinators