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Pumpkin Marina di Chioggia - 15 Seeds


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Pumpkin Marina di Chioggia - 15 Seeds - Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

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This is a gorgeous turban shaped pumpkin with deep blue-green skin and stunning orange flesh. It's sweet and rich, perfect for pies and other culinary uses.

Plant Care Tips

Sow one seed 2cm deep per pot in good quality moist compost and keep warm. Germination will take 1-2 weeks. Grow on and plant out when the risk of frost has passed. Leave 90cm between plants as they like to spread out!

Harvest from August to November and allow to harden before storing.

Sow April-early June in a propagator or warm place and maintain 20-25˚
Germination will take 7-10 days usually
Alternatively, sow direct late May
Each plant should produce approx. 5 fruits.
Harvest August-November


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