Pumpkin Jack of all Trades

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Pack contains: 10 seeds

With its bright orange skin, flat base and deep rounded shape, this pumpkin is equally good for cooking and eating as it is for carving at Halloween.

Sow one seed per small pot about 2.5cm deep into compost and keep somewhere warm (around 20 degrees or above).  Germination will take around 7 days.  After 4 weeks the seedlings can be hardened off slowly and then transplanted outside once all risk of frost has passed.  Pumpkins like well drained but moisture retentive soil and a warm, sunny spot.  They will benefit from a comfrey feed once a week.

Harvest when the pumpkins have coloured up well and the stem is crisp.  Cut the stem 4cm from the body.  If the weather is dry allow to cure where they are for around 10 days but if rain is forecast then bring into a warm room for 4 days before storing.

Sowing Info

  • Sow April-May indoors
  • Height 50cm or taller if grown on an upright support
  • Can spread to around 2m if grown along the ground
  • To grow larger pumpkins, restrict the quantity grown from each plant
  • Once the pumpkins are fully coloured, remove the leaves around them to give them full sun