Peas Meteor

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Pack contains: 75 seeds

Such a great pea! Meteor peas are a dwarf variety, short and neat, growing to around 45cm tall they are ideal for exposed, windy sites or to grow in a small space in a kitchen garden. They give a good crop of gorgeous peas....harvest young for maximum sweetness. 

You can either sow these in October for an early crop the following spring as this variety is winter-hardy or you can sow in March-April.  Although they are not tall they will benefit from some twigs to grow up to give them some support.  Sow direct into the soil 5cm deep and 3cm apart if the weather is warm enough or else sow indoors to germinate and transplant when seedlings are large enough to handle. 

Sowing Info

  • Dwarf variety. Ideal for exposed sites and kitchen gardens. 
  • Height 45cm. Will benefit from twigs to climb up for support
  • Sow Oct for an early crop or March-April
  • Hardy plant. 
  • Sow 5cm deep either direct into the soil if weather is warm or indoors to germinate and plant out when large enough
  • Keep moist. Harvest when young for sweetness