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Parsnip White Gem

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An excellent tried and tested variety suitable for virtually any soil type.

White Gem has good canker resistance and produces lots of medium-length, white smooth-skinned, parsnips with an excellent sweet flavour. Perfect for roasting or making soups and stews.

Parsnips are biennial plants grown for their roots which develop in the first year, therefore grown as annuals.  They are related to other crops in the garden such as carrots, celery, dill, parsley, chervil and fennel.

Parsnips can be challenging to get going and are slow and ponderous to germinate, using fresh seed is the key to getting a good crop.  Sowing can actually begin as early as February, however, you will have much better success if you wait until late March and even April.

If germination is proving difficult, a good tip would be to pre-germinate your seed would be to place some wet kitchen roll in a tray and to scatter some seeds on top and leaving overnight, this should speed up the germination process

Harvesting can begin from autumn onwards once the leaves have started to die back, however, it is best to leave them in the ground until after the first frosts as this will help with the flavour as the starches turn to sugars giving you a sweeter parsnip.

Plant Care Tips

Sow thinly from Feb-May direct, into light, fertile and pre-watered soil
Leave 40cm between rows.
Early sowings may benefit from cloche protection
Water well until established
Thin plants to 20cm
Leave roots in the ground until required.
Taste improves after exposure to frosts
32-36 weeks until maturity.  


Seed Quantity 100 Seeds
Genus Pastinaca sativa
Type Biennial grown as an Annual
Hardiness Hardy, cool-season crop
Harvest Oct-Jan


    Parsnip White Gem | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
    Parsnip White Gem | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden
    Parsnip White Gem | Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

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