Pak Choi Canton Dwarf White

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Pack contains: 100 seeds

This is a wonderful vegetable either eaten raw in salads or cooked for a slightly spicier flavour.  It has short thick stems, dark green leaves. They can be harvested from when small (around 10cm) for tender leaves or left to become fully grown before picking.  Sow July onwards either outside or in a cool greenhouse or cold frame. Place seeds 1cm deep in the soil and keep moist.

Sowing Info

  • Sow thinly, direct into finely raked, moist, weed-free soil
  • Thin the resulting seedlings, leaving the strongest
  • Water well in dry weather and keep well weeded. Provide a weak liquid feed once a week
  • It needs to be grown quickly and the roots must be kept moist
  • They attract snails, so plants need protection in the open garden.