Honesty Mixed (Lunaria Annua)

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Pack contains: 50 seeds

Honesty is a joy......that statement can be taken in two ways! 

This wonderful biennial plant will be one of the first to flower in your cutting garden and it is just gorgeous. This mix has beautiful, tall, white and purple flowers with a wonderful scent. The bees love it and it brings a much-needed burst of colour to the garden in April and then the stunning, translucent, moon-like seed pods start appearing in June. 

So you can get cut flowers from April and then dry the seed pods for flower arrangements later in the year and....help the bees. That's a pretty good deal I think!

Sow in modules in June and leave outside (it will be too hot in a greenhouse) to be transplanted out in September. Or you can sow direct in June.

Sowing Info

  • Sow in June/July into modules and leave outside (too warm in a greenhouse)
  • Keep moist 
  • Transplant in September, spacing about 30cm apart 
  • Likes semi or full sun
  • Will flower the following April 
  • Height 90cm