Hesperis Purple (Sweet Rocket)

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Pack contains: 500 seeds

Hesperis (or Sweet Rocket as it is commonly known) is one of my favourite biennials. Tall, sweetly scented and filling the garden with beautiful purple clouds of flowers, gently swaying in the breeze. 

Sowing biennials is such a worthwhile thing to do as it will give you wonderfully early blooms the following year when the garden is crying out for a bit of colour again....and make the most gorgeous cut flowers. They will look amazing in a vase alongside tulips, alliums and irises.  

Sow in June into seed trays and leave outside as it will be too hot in a greenhouse for them....and your flower beds will all be full. There they can stay (potting on into larger pots if needed) until you plant them out into their final positions in September. 

They like full sun or partial shade.

Sowing Info

  • Sow in June into seed trays and leave outside
  • Pot on if needed and transplant to final position in Sept
  • Space 30cm apart 
  • Height 1m
  • Likes full sun or partial shade
  • Will flower the following spring