Chilli Ring of Fire
Chilli Ring of Fire
Chilli Ring of Fire
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Chilli Ring of Fire

    Additional information

    Pack contains: 15 seeds

    A quick-to-ripen, hot ‘Cayenne’ type that can be picked when either green or red - chillies are ready to pick around 100 days from sowing. ‘Ring of Fire’ is an attractive-looking upright bush, around 45cm high and very productive, producing masses of pods continuously just as long as they are regularly picked.

    Sow seed into individual pots or modular trays in large winter or early spring.

    Ring of Fire is a fiery treat eaten fresh and is great for slicing into hot dishes as well as salads, sandwiches and salsas.  It is an ideal chilli for use in hot fruity sauces and, as a thin-walled chilli, it also dries very well to make flakes.  The pods also freeze very well.

    Variety Info

    • Scoville Rating: 70,000-80,000 SHU
    • Species: Capsicum Annuum
    • Usage: Long, thin scarlet pods, 1cm wide and up to 7cm long, that ripen from bottle green to bright red

    Sowing Info

    • Sow a few seeds into a tray in late February to May and cover lightly with seed compost
    • Either use a heated propagator or pop the seed tray into an enclosed plastic bag and seal and place on a windowsill
    • Once the seedling has produced two true leaves (second set of leaves) they can be transplanted into individual pots
    • Try and maintain around 20-25 degrees while young plants
    • As the plant grows, transplant into as large a pot as allows, this will determine the size of the plant
    • Once the plant has flowered and has started to produce small chillies, it will benefit from a feed of either comfrey tea or tomato feed
    • Chillies dislike irregular watering as this will sometimes cause blossom end rot (the base of the chilli/pepper rots)