Chilli Cayenne

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Pack contains: 15 seeds

One of the best known spicy chillies, 'Cayenne' are grown commercially in Africa, India, Japan and Mexico and some southern states of the USA.  Plants are tall and bushy, reaching 60-100cm in height, and make attractive feature plants in a conservatory or pots outdoors.  They reach maturity after around 70 days and will fruit prolifically.

Variety Info

  • Heat Level: 15,000 - 50,000 Scoville Units (Warm)
  • Species: Capsicuum Annuum, Capsicuum Frutescens
  • Origin: French Guiana
  • Pod Description: A long slender pod that ripens from green to red, it can grow upwards of 30cm but usually around 5-12cm is more common

Sowing Info

  • Sow a few seeds into a tray in late February to May and cover lightly with seed compost
  • Either use a heated propagator or pop the seed tray into an enclosed plastic bag and seal and place on a windowsill
  • Once the seedling has produced two true leaves (second set of leaves) they can be transplanted into individual pots
  • Try and maintain around 20-25 degrees while young plants
  • As the plant grows, transplant into as large a pot as allows, this will determine the size of the plant
  • Once the plant has flowered and has started to produce small chillies, it will benefit from a feed of either comfrey tea or tomato feed
  • Chillies dislike irregular watering as this will sometimes cause blossom end rot (the base of the chilli/pepper rots)