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Biquinho Yellow Chilli ūüĆ∂


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The Biquinho makes a great ornamental plant that is very productive and grows to around 70cm tall.  In its native Brazil, the chillis are usually preserved in vinegar and served as an appetiser.

It produces a pointed pod which resembles a small bird's beak or raindrop.  In Portuguese, biquinho means 'little beak'.

The pods have a sweet and fruity flavour with a hint of smokiness to them.  Their most popular use is to be pickled.

Plant Care Tips

Sow a few seeds into a tray in late January to May and cover lightly with seed compost.  Either use a heated propagator or pop the seed tray into an enclosed plastic bag and seal and place it on a windowsill.  Once the seedling has produced two true leaves (second set of leaves) they can be transplanted into individual pots.  Try and maintain around 20-25 degrees while young plants.

As the plant grows, transplant it into as large a pot as it allows, which will determine the plant's size.  Once the plant has flowered and has started to produce small chillies, it will benefit from a feed of either comfrey tea or tomato feed.  Chillies dislike irregular watering as this will sometimes cause blossom end rot (the base of the chilli/pepper rots)


Seed Quantity 15 Seeds
Genus Capsicum Chinense
Origin Brazil
Scoville Rating 500-1,000 sHU
Sow Jan-April
Harvest July-October
Spread 40cm
Height 60-80cm