Calendula Pot Marigold

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Pack contains: 100 seeds

Van Gough on a budget! Such a cheerful, joyous flower bringing colour and happiness to your cut flower garden. You can't help but smile when you see calendula's sunny little face in a vase or your flower patch. Bees and ladybirds are drawn to calendula which makes it a fantastic companion to grow alongside tomatoes, peas, carrots and cucumbers.

This is a mix of calendula. Sow under cover in September to plant out in the spring or sow under cover in March/April to plant out a month or so later.

Sowing Info

  • Sow Sept or March/April undercover in modules
  • Plant out at the end of May for spring sowings or the following spring for autumn sowings
  • Seed germination around 7 days
  • Good companion plant