Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia

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Pack contains: 25 beans

One of the best broad beans you can grow. Delicious tasting and high yields of beans make this a firm favourite. Regular picking of the beans will keep production going for a least 4 weeks. 

Great for autumn sowing as this is a hardy plant and overwinters well.Sow Jan-Apr or Oct-Nov into cells or direct, 5cm deep and 20cm apart. 

The beans need 12 degrees+ to germinate and germination tales 10-14 days. When planting out, space the rows 30cm apart. They will need support to grow up, as can be upwards of 80cm in height. 

Ensure the beans are watered well around the base particularly during dry spells. Delicious picked young and sweet and cooked for just a few minutes in simmering water. 

Sowing Info

  • Sow Jan-Apr or Oct-Nov
  • Sow in cells or direct, 5cm deep
  • Space rows 30cm apart
  • Height 80cm and will require support
  • Can tolerate cold and so good for autumn sowings
  • Likes full sun
  • Harvest when young for maximum sweetness