Beetroot Boltardy

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Packet contains: 100 seeds

These are by far the most popular beetroot and for good reason.  They offer a high quality, round, dark-red and well-flavoured root that grows up to 10cm across, with crisp, sweet flesh.  The best choice for early spring sowings, as the roots are extremely resistant to bolting, hence the name.  Reliable and a generous cropper.

Sowing Info

  • In spring, make a shallow drill 1cm deep and sow the large, easy-to-handle seeds about 15cm apart.
  • Alternatively, you can multi-sow 3-5 seeds per module
  • When the plants are large enough then transplant to their growing site
  • Harvest the largest of the multi-sown roots leaving the others to develop
  • Harvest: Late May to September