Aubergine Black Beauty

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Pack contains: Avg 50 seeds

This is a sturdy plant with an abundant crop of large, tasty deep purple fruits. 

It is best grown under glass from Jan-March and needs warmth (20 degrees) to germinate. Once it has germinated transfer to a warm, light place to stop the plants becoming leggy. 

As the plants get bigger, transfer them into 9cm pots and grow on. Harden off to prepare for planting out. They can go into a heated greenhouse from April or an unheated one in May. 

Remove the growing tip when around 40cm high to encourage the plant to bush out, water regularly and feed every 2 weeks. 

Sowing Info 

  • Sow Jan-March at 20 degrees to germinate
  • Once germinated transfer to a warm and light spot to stop the plants becoming leggy
  • Pot on into 9cm pots and grow on. Can be moved to a heated greenhouse in Apr or unheated in May
  • Remove the growing tip when 40cm tall to encourage plant to bush out
  • Height 60cm. Feed every 2 weeks